The Park Hotel offers 2 pools. In the hot summer days, one can enjoy the pool area on the 7th floor which is open most of the year. In the winter cold and rainy days, one can use the heated indoor pool which is open from October till July. The Park Hotel offers you the best opportunities to explore further this beautiful island of Malta. Close to the Hotel one can easily hire a bicycle or a car. One can also choose to walk by the marvellous promenade of Sliema. Experiencing the beauty of Malta from the seas is also possible by opting for a cruise. The underwater world for he or she who is adventurous, is a unique experience. For those who love Shopping, the Park Hotel is so central that shopping centres and all other shops are within walking distance.

Water Sports

Captain Morgan Cruises

Luxury Shopping

Diving in Malta

Walking & Cycling

Water Sports

A lot of watersports' activities can be hired few minutes away form the Park Hotel.

Malta is the ideal location for watersports. Whether you are a professional or an explorer, the island is the perfect place to do this!


Sailing in Malta is a very popular sport. You can choose to charter a sailing boat for a day, weekend or week. This will give you the opportunity to explore the Maltese waters at your own pace. You can charter with your own skipper, or if you have the right qualifications, you can do it on your own. 


Windsurfing is a sport well suited to the Maltese Island's. There is always a location where the winds are favorable.

Scuba Diving

The wonderful thing about diving in Malta is that it can be done all year round. If you have never experienced diving, then you can choose to do a taster dive for a feel of life under water. A large number of diving schools can be found all over the island.

Canoeing/ Jet Skiing/ Swimming

Most beaches or lidos, including those in Sliema, few minutes away from the Park Hotel, offer various water sports. You can rent jet-skis, canoes, paddle boats and even windsurfers. Water skiing and paragliding are also offered in some places and are definitely worth a try, especially for those who describe themselves as adventurous! Swimming can be done almost anywhere; there is even a national swimming pool that is open to guests for a small fee, reachable by the public bus and not far away from the Park Hotel.


Kite-surfing is a fun sport but not for the faint hearted. If you like the idea of wakeboarding with a kite then this is the sport for you.

A lot of watersports services can be hired from outlets located just a few minutes away from the Park Hotel.

Captain Morgan Cruises

This Company has been around for the last 33 years and has come a long way since its beginning when one small passenger vessel was chartered to take holiday visitors on a sightseeing cruise to Comino. Today the Company owns and operates different vessels that provide a wide choice of cruises and excursions. Captain Morgan Cruises also operates Jeep Safaris and Underwater Safaris.

When planning your excursions with this Company, take your time to be able to choose what exactly suits your needs. Captain Morgan Cruises is your guarantee for a safe and exciting experience.


Luxury Shopping

Sliema is a popular place for shopping, attracting locals and visitors form around the island. Along the promenade you will find department stores, shopping centres, plenty of charming stores full of local stuff as well of small boutiques.

In Sliema you will find designer names, fashion, music, jewellery shops, cosmetics, book shops, household shops, souvenir shops and much more. Most of these outlets are located around Bisazza Street (between Sliema ferries and Tower Road) and The Strand.

Another interesting place for shopping on the island is found just across the sea from Sliema (10 minutes by bus or by boat) in Valletta. The ferry boats to Valletta leave Sliema every 10 minutes. The service is quick and cheap giving the passengers a good view of both Sliema and Valletta from the sea.

In the capital city Valletta, you will find many independent shops along Merchant's Street and St. Paul's Street selling clothes and shoes, silver and gold filigree. The Valletta Sunday market (St.James Ditch, outside City Gate), a mix of flea market and regular goods, is a major event in its own right which it not to be missed. Many of the same items reappear at Valletta's daily market on Merchant's Street.

Shoppers cannot leave the island without going to St. Julians (at a walking distance from Sliema), specifically to the Portomaso shopping centre which houses the best high fashion boutiques in Malta. Not far away in St. George's bay you will also find the Baystreet shopping centre with cafes, restaurants and entertainment for kids and adults.


Diving in Malta


 Watercolours Dive Centre is situated just a few meters away from the Park hotel and is a registered PADI Dive Resort (S-21956) and is run by Jason Fabri, a qualified PADI IDC Staff Instructor together with Patrick Vella, a PADI Instructor and also a marine biologist.

These two local boys have over 22 years experience each scuba diving around the Maltese archipelago. “We welcome all travelers wishing to experience the wonderful world of Scuba Diving around our home”.

Watercolours Dive Centre is situated by the water's edge at the Sliema Aquatic Sports Club along theSliema Tower Road seafront. 

We are open 7 days a week all throughout the year. We offer all types of PADI certified courses and accompanied dives for beginners and/or certified divers up to professional PADI Instructor levels. We specialize in organizing diving holiday packages for groups of any size, diving clubs or the individual diver and we’ll take care of EVERYTHING including flights, airport transfers and transport, accommodation, car hire & also evening transport to typical restaurants. We also offer 24 hour assistance to the clients, transport to other Islands, diving in Gozo and more.

Our dive centre is fully equipped with the latest diving equipment; for use sale or rent. We are also the local agents for Oceanic, Hollis, Teknodiver, T52, Tigullio, Coltri Sub, Cressi Sub, Aeris and other brands. 

 The Maltese Islands are renowned for the numerous caves and wrecks available for divers, both recreational and technical. Wrecks

include submarines, aeroplanes, destroyers, oil tankers and other vessles from World War I and II. Here you will also find spectacular underwater topography and interesting marine life. The sea temp varies from approx. 15 C in the winter season (January to March) to 28 C during the summer (June to October). The visibility is amazing sometmes surpassing 50m.

For further info we can be reached on +356 99821829 or speak to the receptionist of the Park Hotel when on Holiday.

Jason or +356 79697709 Patrick or visit

ENJOY your vacation around the Maltese Islands to the full. Come & have a BUBBLE with us & experience this magical underwater world. "The more we know about the marine environment the more likely we are to protect it"

PADI BUBBLEMAKER  – €50.00 - Max Depth 2m 

Duration ½ day am/pm. Minimum Age: 8 years  

The PADI Bubblemaker program is an introduction to the thrill of breathing underwater. If you’re eight or nine years of age, now is your chance to take the plunge with a PADI Instructor and try diving safely in the pool or a confined shallow area in the sea.  

The PADI Bubblemaker course is an introductory certified course aimed at kids who want to try scuba diving in a safe and controlled environment. Dive to a maximum depth of 2m in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. 

After watching a 30 min video, you’ll learn some skills in the swimming pool and have time to get comfortable with the equipment. Under the supervision of a PADI Instructor you’ll practice swimming underwater with full scuba gear, keep blowing plenty of bubbles and learn some cool tricks. Scuba School is really fun! What about a game of underwater Frisbee? Add some underwater fun to your vacation in Malta. After your scuba dive you’ll ear an international PADI certificate.

 Learn how to:

  • Breathe Underwater & Blow Bubbles
  • Swim with Fins
  • Perform Underwater Tricks
  • Receive a super-cool PADI certificate!

Start out on the right fin, jump into the PADI Bubblemaker program today!Mums and Dads are more than welcome to join in!

PADI DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING - €60.00 - Max Depth 12m

Duration: ½ day am/pm. Minimum Age: 10years

This half day course guides you gently into this wonderful and safe sport. Together with an experienced PADI Instructor you’ll first discuss many different topics regarding Marine Diving Safety, Scuba Diving Equipment, Necessary Scuba Diving Skills (Theory & Practice), Marine Life Awareness, Conservation and The Diving Environment. After this very interesting in-depth briefing a pool dive will follow. This is where the student breathes for the first time underwater and learns how to use the diving equipment in the safe, shallow confines of the pool. The student will also further build confidence by performing basic scuba diving skills under the direct supervision of a qualified PADI Instructor. After this first pool dive an Open Water scuba dive will follow where the student simply enjoys a shallow scuba dive in the open sea under the direct supervision of a qualified PADI Instructor. After this half day course the student will be awarded a PADI certification which will allow them to dive anywhere around the world up to a max of 9-12meters provided one always dives under the direct supervision of a qualified Instructor.

PADI OPEN WATER DIVER – €290.00 (4 confined sessions / 4open water dives)

Duration: 3-4 days. Minimum Age: 15 years – Max Depth 18m

This is an exciting introduction into the wonderful world of scuba diving. The PADI Open Water Course could be conducted over a three to four day period.

During this course the students will be discussing & completing theory & practice sessions as well as open water dives. There is also a final assessment at the end of this course.

Once the PADI Open Water course is successfully completed you will receive a PADI certification card which is valid for life & would enable you to scuba dive all over the world provided you keep up the sport & always dive with a buddy & or under the supervision of professional guidance. The duration of each open water dive is approx.45min.

PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER - €250.00 (5 dives) Max depth 30m

Duration: 2-3 days. Minimum Age: 15 years

This course is made up of Five Advanced dives, 'Three Elective dives & Two Core dives'. At the start of the PADI Advanced Course the Elective dives chosen are carefully selected, discussed & safely planned with the student. The two CORE dives in this course are the Navigation Dive & the Deep Dive & must be done. The ELECTIVE dives could include some of the following: Boat diving, Night diving, Multi-level, Underwater Naturalist, Search & Recovery, Wreck diving & more.

After the PADI Advanced Open Water course is successfully completed you will receive a PADI Advanced certification card which is valid for life. This certification level will enable you to hire or purchase all necessary equipment and recreationally dive, provided you always dive with a buddy, independently from an instructor or diving school. Also by completing your PADI Advanced course you'd have broadened your possibilities of diving nearly any available dive site. Your depth limit of 18m (During the PADI Open Water Course) will now become 30m (PADI Advanced Open Water) The PADI Open Water Course & the PADI Advanced Open Water Course are the most popular Scuba Diving courses in the world.


Duration: 5-6 days. Minimum Age: 15 years

This course is simply the combination of both the PADI Open Water Diver Course & the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course with a significant saving


Duration: 1 day

This is a lecture room course where audio visual programmes in First Aid, life saving, etc. are shown, together with practical sessions.


Duration: 2 days. Minimum Age: 15 years

This is a course designed to give advanced open water divers more confidence by way of open water & theory sessions in rescue skills, life saving techniques, accident management & accident avoidance. Emergency First Response Certification or equivalent is a prerequisite. 


Duration: 10 days. Minimum Age: 18 years

This is the first professional status within the PADI system. The course involves active participation alongside the instructors whilst training student divers in both theory & practice, assisting in Open Water dives & other coursework activities. Prior to certification the candidate will be assessed in waterman-ship & rescue skills & will be required to sit for a theory examination. Professional membership with PADI is extra. Many dive centers worldwide employ Dive Masters as Dive Guides.                               


Duration: 6 days. Minimum Age: 18 years

You will now be able to assist, display knowledge and experience in classroom as well as in the water and could even teach several courses independently.


Walking & Cycling

The Sliema seafront runs for several kilometres from Gzira, just South of Sliema to St. Julians. The promenade is the ideal place for walkers, joggers and cyclists. Along this wide promenade there are several benches, seatings, cafes, children's playgrounds and fountains making it also a great meeting place for locals and tourists during all times of the day.

The more adventurous they are, walkers will also find the rocky coastline full of hidden creeks and tiny coves to explore.

Cyclists will have the opportunity to see the area at their own pace on the road or on the dedicated cycling tracks.